I believe there is a relatively simple, easy, and practical way to help local public libraries survive, or if you prefer, to thrive — and — at the same time, improve the general health of local communities. What’s that you say? You’ve heard this before from someone selling the Brooklyn Bridge? Maybe it’s hogwash. Maybe it’s not. Here’s the plan.

Communities have resources, right? Government supplies some, businesses others, and nonprofit organizations do their part. We know about government, and we know businesses. But what about nonprofit-supplied resources — their services and activities? …

It’s not a fun subject.

No sexy alarmist headlines to see, no Tweets or Facebook Likes:


But this is true for many institutions.

Fact: Hospitals not reporting 100% on scheduled inspections are probably not compliant, and may not receive Joint Commission Accreditation. This would present real pressure to many administrators — except reporting 100% on time inspections is relatively easy: you just need to follow a schedule of maintenance on time.

There is no requirement — and no reporting — of the actual numbers of equipment inspected: follow your…

Alan Pakaln

Past profession in clinical engineering and continuing interests in sustainability, community development, and photography.

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